Innovate Cities (IC) is proud to announce that it is partnering with the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC). Recognizing the important role that transit plays in any smart city, this partnership creates a data-trust collaboration that supports the adoption of innovative low-carbon and smart mobility technologies.

“I am excited about this partnership and its potential to move both of our organizations forward. CUTRIC’s participation in CityShield is evidence of the importance of a Canadian, not-for-profit data trust”, says Hugh O’Reilly, Executive Director of Innovate Cities.Executive Director of Innovate Cities.

While Innovate Cities’ mandate includes a broad umbrella of smart city applications, CUTRIC’s mandate is specific to the needs of public transit agencies in Canada. Under this partnership, CUTRIC and Innovate Cities are excited to collaborate on a shared vision to leverage data for a better tomorrow.

“At CUTRIC, we believe a national transit data trust is required to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission transit. Canadian transit systems can be empowered with the smart use of zero-emission technology data. As agencies from west to east and north to south electrify their fleets, data collected from vehicle and infrastructure assets can and should be analyzed to allow agencies to monitor asset performance, hold manufacturers accountable, and ultimately save taxpayer dollars. Collaborating with Innovate Cities allows CUTRIC to share best practices when it comes to national transit and mobility data sharing,” says Josipa Petrunic, President & CEO, CUTRIC.

Both organizations are very excited about this ground-breaking joint venture and look forward to what it will accomplish.

CUTRIC is a non-profit innovation consortium with a vision to make Canada a global leader in low-carbon smart mobility. Through industry-led collaborative research and large-scale technology integration trials, CUTRIC is working to achieve this goal by focusing on technology development, integration and standardization of low-carbon propulsion systems and smart vehicle systems, data-driven analytics in mobility, and cybersecurity in transportation.


About Innovate Cities
Innovative Cities is an action-oriented, not-for-profit organization that believes in the power and value of data. We bring together industry leaders and innovators to accelerate new technologies applied to the urban environment in a manner that protects data privacy and security. We are committed to creating more inclusive, livable and sustainable cities which use data to improve citizens’ quality of life, while protecting their privacy and earning their trust.

To fulfill our mission and vision, Innovative Cities is building CityShield – the Innovate Cities Data Trust – a platform which allows producers of data to share their data, in an accessible and usable form, while delegating the responsibilities of strict governance to a trusted third party data fiduciary. Innovate Cities will act as this data fiduciary.

In addition, Innovate Cities is also building CityScape – a digital marketplace which will connect innovators with buyers and adopters of smart city technology as well as function as a data marketplace, selling datasets from the data trust securely while being GDPR compliant.

We want to address the need for an innovative ecosystem – a highly collaborative, integrated and accelerated model, so that Canadian smart city innovators can successfully translate leading-edge capabilities into high-growth, scaling enterprises and create relevant urban resiliency outcomes to position Canada as a global leader in smart cities.