Started by privacy and machine learning experts from the University of Toronto, Private Al’s mission is to build the privacy layer for software. Private Al has created a range of industry-leading Al solutions that make it safe to share and analyze datasets without compromising user privacy. Private Al is led by a team of experts in privacy-preserving machine learning and natural language processing, driven by the goal of making privacy accessible to developers and upholding the principles of responsible innovation, an objective shared by Innovate Cities.

“Technology’s ability to enhance our lives often comes at the expense of our rights to data privacy as businesses increasingly leverage customer data for insights without first protecting personal information” said Patricia Thaine Co-Founder and CEO at Private Al. “We ‘re proud to partner with Innovate Cities and their City Shield Data Trust platform to help empower citizens to have control over their data and safely fuel the innovation economy.”

Commenting on the partnership, Innovate Cities’ Executive Director, Hugh O’Reilly, stated “The protection of personal privacy is a core value of Innovate Cities. Our governance reflects this, and so do the partners that we have worked with in creating technological protections for personally identifiable information. Private Al is a leader in the protection of privacy and we engaged with them as a partner for that reason.”

Innovate Cities’ own commitment to upholding governance and privacy principles is reflected in the appointment of Dr. Ann Cavoukian as our independent Chief Privacy Officer:

“Private Al’s commitment to responsible innovation and the safeguarding of data is fully aligned with Innovate Cities’ commitment to the same.”

With our shared commitment to data privacy and to protecting the privacy of the individual, Innovate Cities and Private Al are very excited about this joint venture and look forward to all we can accomplish together.