CityStack is our cloud-based Building and Spatial Technology platform that combines connected data and a “Privacy-by-Design” framework to create smarter buildings that are resilient and adaptable to future needs, while keeping data privacy and security at its core.

As our cities continue to grow, it is essential that our buildings, infrastructure and urban systems are optimized to maximize efficiency and sustainability, while improving the quality of life for citizens. From addressing climate change to adapting for the future of work, many of today’s buildings are ill-equipped for long-term resiliency.

A smarter solution

CityStack’s integrated platform offers a seamless solution to create intelligent built environments, with a suite of applications all designed to work together and support the needs of building operations while enhancing the experience for occupants.

Better buildings, better outcomes

Safe return to work

Sustainability & climate change

Health & safety

Emergency response

Cost savings

Connected and protected

CityStack uses the power of connected data to improve the overall experience of the built environment, while ensuring the interests and privacy of Canadians are protected and held to the highest standard. The aggregated data used by CityStack technologies is protected within a Data Trust designed to safeguard personal privacy through a framework of expert oversight and governance. Both the cloud infrastructure and data trust are based in Canada.

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How it works

CityStack’s cloud-based platform connects various building systems, sensors and other processes into a complete building ecosystem, allowing seamless control of the entire built environment. The platform offers the ability to integrate or “stack” different capabilities to extend features and functionality.

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