Innovate Cities’ Data Trust is a platform designed to enable innovation among data producers and consumers, interactions which will be monitored through accountability, strict governance, and “Privacy-by-Design” principles.

Data is at the heart of the innovation economy. But new technologies require new thinking about governance – with an approach that puts personal privacy first and gives people control over their data. Our Privacy-by-Design Data Trust is a platform that protects privacy while unleashing innovation.

What is a data trust?

A Data Trust is a technological platform that allows collectors of data to share their data with one another, while delegating the responsibilities and obligations of management to a trusted third-party entity – in this case, Innovate Cities. The aggregated data can then safely be used for analysis, research, innovation, and technological development which aim to improve the lives of communities in which our innovators operate.

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Dr. Ann Cavoukian

Dr. Ann Cavoukian and Privacy-by-Design

Innovate Cities’ Chief Privacy Officer Dr. Ann Cavoukian is one of the world’s leading privacy experts. She was appointed as the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario in 1997, and served an unprecedented three terms as Commissioner. There she created Privacy by Design, a framework that seeks to proactively embed privacy into the design specifications of information technologies, networked infrastructure and business practices, thereby achieving the strongest protection possible In October 2010, regulators at the International Conference of Data Protection Authorities and Privacy Commissioners unanimously passed a Resolution recognizing Privacy by Design as an essential component of fundamental privacy protection. This was followed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s inclusion of Privacy by Design as one of three recommended practices for protecting online privacy – a major validation of its significance.

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Innovate Cities is committed to continually engaging with members of the public to help us shape the design of the Data Trust, keep citizens informed and empower individuals by creating a system that highlights personal control over data. Check back soon for updates on our public consultations.

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