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Why Innovate Cities?

Cities are the lifeblood of our economies. Consider that by 2060, more than half of the world’s population will live in cities. In Canada, more than 80% of our population call cities home. But today’s urban communities are under incredible strain. They need to adapt to be more resilient, more sustainable, and healthier and happier places to live. The time to act is now. We have an opportunity to use data and technology to make smarter decisions and deliver a better quality of life. Smart city technologies can cut energy costs, make buildings more efficient, keep air clean, improve transit and transportation, and streamline a wide range of services. And we can do this while protecting every citizens’ privacy.

The road to smart city innovation has not been a smooth one. Innovation has been impeded by unethical or ineffective data governance, an unlevel competitive playing field, and lack of investment. Data breaches, misuse and manipulation has eroded public trust in smart city technology – and understandably so. Innovate Cities sets up the innovation infrastructure required to protect privacy, promote collaboration over competition, and get new technologies to market. We aim to realize a future that is better for everyone by using data to improve citizens’ quality of life, while protecting their privacy and earning their trust.

We believe smart city innovation should be a “win-win”.

We are focused on addressing five key issues:

Building Resilience

Equipping built environments for long-term resilience in the face of social, environmental and technological change.

Integrating Capabilities

Connecting data, technologies, and processes that are typically siloed and do not speak
with “outside” operations and services such as public safety, health care and energy.

Accelerating Commercialization

Helping buyers easily procure and realize value, and innovators to break through the noise and commercialize in a cost-efficient manner.

Protecting Data Privacy

Providing companies of different sizes with the digital infrastructure to address privacy concerns and ultimately enable their growth.

Supporting Canada’s Economy

Innovate Cities aims to be a driving force in creating safer, more efficient and enjoyable communities, while creating hundreds of new, highly skilled jobs, and enabling Canadian innovators to seize significant commercialization opportunities that exist within the smart cities space.

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