Mikele Brack, Executive Director of Innovate Cities enthusiastically welcomed news from FedDev Ontario announcing an investment of up to $11.1 million in Innovate Cities, a not-forprofit organization that brings together a network of Canadian leaders in the development of innovative technologies. This investment, in combination with contributions from the private and public sector, establishes the foundation for a $30 million initiative.

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Canada is well positioned to seize the global opportunities in the Smart Cities sector, drive prosperity for its citizens and businesses, and create urban resiliency outcomes at scale


Did you know?


The average North American citizen spends more than 87% of their time indoors.


Building energy use accounts for 40% of

total primary energy consumption.


75% of the current building stock will still exist in 2030.


In Canada, transportation accounts for approximately 23% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

 68% of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2050. As cities grow it is essential that buildings, InFrAstructure and urban systems are optimized to maximize efficiency and sustainability, while improving the quality of life for citizens.


There is an opportunity to:

upgrade (4).png


Legacy buildings and infrastructure with the state-of-the-art technology to enable more integrated, efficient and sustainable operations within the urban environment

img_460576 (4).png


Smarter and more resilient cities by addressing challenges such as climate change, energy conservation, public safety, emergency response, and future use cases through the integration of smart city technologies

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Economic development and commercial growth by unlocking the potential of Canadian innovators by providing an entrepreneurial environment and collaborative opportunities

MOMENTUM is building…

There is a need for a highly collaborative, integrated and accelerated model so that Canadian smart city innovators can successfully translate leading edge capabilities into high-growth, scaling enterprises and create relevant urban resiliency outcomes to position Canada as a global leader in smart cities.

We want to help.


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